Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Acar Buah


Happy July everyone :)

It's time to share what I whipped up in the kitchen recently... well, just yesterday actually.

As usual, I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest (where else) which was pretty easy to make. I love acar buah but those things cost a bomb in tiny teeny containers. So I decided to make a batch that would last a while since my boys don't like anything sweet and spicy. Kesian what my boys are missing... but mommy is not complaining... hahaha

OK, anyway... I realized why these things are expensive cos these jeruk buah (pickled/dried fruits) aren't exactly cheap! I bought a few types (plums, buah kana, raisins, kumquats, wintermelon and prunes). I forgot how much I paid exactly but it was probably roughly between RM20 - RM30.

I scoured the net for the best recipes... there were so many versions; some added kerisik (dessicated coconut) which sounded and looked tempting but the acar buah I've tried before never had kerisik in them so I was skeptical. Finally I settled with a recipe which was straight-forward and very easy to follow from 'Mommy In The Kitchen'.  I didn't want it to be too sweet nor spicy so I omitted the sugar and the chillies as well as the dates.

So, here is my very own home-made Acar Buah (Fruit Chutney). Me is happy! :D

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